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3 things you probably don’t know about freshly roasted coffee

3 things you probably don’t know about freshly roasted coffee

Good coffee has three components – green coffee, roasting and grinding

Although coffee beans come from coffee cherries, unlike most fruits, they go through processing.

For example, a juicy and tasty cherry can simply be torn from the tree and eaten, but with coffee, things are a little different.

Coffee must be processed, roasted and ground.

You can read more about the different processing methods here and find out how the processing affects the taste of the coffee.

The harvest

  • As with any agricultural product, the freshness of coffee significantly affects its taste. Coffee beans are cherry seeds and like any fruit, fresh ones taste better than old ones.
  • Once harvested, the shelf life of green coffee beans is several years – if stored well. However, the fresher they are, the better. Over time, coffee beans lose their water content and become less fragrant because they are sensitive to external moisture, aromas and odours that can affect the aroma of coffee. In conclusion, we can say that the coffee beans from the current harvest will give the best flavours and aromas.

Roast in the last 1-5 weeks before using it

  • Roasted coffee has a much shorter shelf life than green coffee. Once roasted, the coffee needs to degas for a few days and then rest for another week, so the coffee tastes best between the first and fifth week of roasting. Usually in retail chains coffee is about 6-7 months after roasting, so we recommend buying coffee from proven small bakeries and coffee shops.

Grind immediately before use

  • Grinding coffee releases its aromas, so it must be ground just before brewing. These aromas create aromatic notes in the coffee. They should be caught as soon as possible, making coffee immediately after grinding.
  • We have three simple rules that guarantee the maximum freshness of our coffee. First, green coffee beans come only from proven farms that have carefully harvested, roasting is several times a week, and grinding and packing the coffee is just before sending the coffee to you. However, we recommend that you take coffee beans and grind them just before making the drink.

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