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At Viking Roast Co,, we always recommend that you buy whole coffee beans. Whole coffee beans ensure you get the best out of the coffee beans you buy. When you buy coffee in whole beans, you get much more flavour and aroma in your coffee, as whole coffee beans hold on to taste and aroma better than ground coffee.

We have selected the best whole coffee beans, from some of the best farms around the world, so you are guaranteed the best quality when you find your coffee through our shop.

Coffee beans from micro roasters

Special coffees from the best Nordic micro-roasters often offer a wide selection of coffee beans from Danish, Swedish and Norwegian micro-roasters. Here you are guaranteed to be able to find your new favourite coffee. We love looking at lightly roasted coffee beans and medium roasted coffee beans.

You can often choose whether you want whole coffee beans or ground for a specific brewing method. We recommend whole beans as it retains the aroma of the coffee beans.

The best whole coffee beans

We often look at the best coffee beans from the best micro-roasters. Several of the coffees are award-winning coffees that have been used to win titles with.

It is coffee in whole beans from famous places like Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala. But also more unknown and exotic places like Kenya, Ethiopia and Honduras.

Whole coffee beans are roasted very differently. Lightly roasted coffee beans are very popular right now. Occasionally we find a coffee bean that is medium roasted, which we also like. But never the dark-roasted coffees. Dark roasted coffee is often a sign of a lower quality of coffee beans. Here you simply roast away from the quality and add more burnt taste.

The lightly roasted coffee beans are a sign of quality, as you can roast the beans so easily that they retain much of their natural taste from the coffee bean.

Find your favorite coffee

Whether you are looking for a coffee from Guatemala, roasted coffee beans or maybe a coffee that will challenge your taste buds a little, then the best tip we can give you is to test a little with different beans and note down what you like best.

Many people just use a small book or pad that they place next to their other coffee equipment and evaluate the different types of coffee.

The full experience of whole coffee beans

When you buy whole coffee beans you get the full experience. By grinding the beans yourself, just before brewing, you release the wonderful aroma of the coffee, which helps to strengthen the whole sensory experience.

Try to smell the coffee before and after you grind it. You will be amazed at how much difference there is once the coffee beans have released their scent.

Espresso beans

When looking for espresso beans, go for the most flavorful espresso coffee beans you can find. We talk espresso, crema and flavour for all the money. Espresso coffee beans have flavour notes of everything from citrus and peach to chocolate and kara flour. You can find it all and the taste comes naturally from the espresso beans. Find a seller who only sells pure espresso coffees, with no added flavour.

Espresso beans are best suited for brewing on an espresso machine, mocha jug or on an AeroPress. These beans are usually darker roasted than coffee beans for filter brewing.

Filter coffee beans

In fact, filter coffee has never been as popular as it is right now. The most important element in brewing a good cup of filter coffee is the beans. If the beans are in order, nothing advanced is needed to brew a really good cup of coffee.

With these coffee beans, you can brew good coffee beans on an ordinary coffee machine. However, we recommend one of the really popular coffee makers, such as Chemex, plunger jug ​​or a coffee funnel.

Filter coffee is simple

Even the best coffee bars and cafes use simple coffee makers to brew filter coffee for their customers. These are coffee makers that most people can figure out how to operate.

You do not have to be a barista to brew filter coffee on a coffee maker, plunger jug ​​or AeroPress. And here you will find the best filter coffee beans.

Coffee storage

Storing coffee is important as it can greatly affect the freshness of your coffee beans, and thus the taste. It is important that coffee beans are stored airtight, as otherwise, they will lose their flavour.

As soon as the coffee has been roasted, a decomposition process begins, of which the oxygen is a part. An airtight coffee can help!

It is therefore important that you find a container that can help you store coffee better.

Green coffee beans

If you roast your coffee yourself, you can roast to your own taste, or try to hit the same taste as the micro-roasters. Green coffee beans have a very long shelf life. Up to 1 year. However, be careful not to end up with bitter coffee.

When you roast green coffee beans, you can roast to your own coffee needs and always have completely freshly roasted coffee. At the same time, you can save money, as the price per kilo is lower on green coffee beans.

The shelf life of green coffee beans

If you store your green coffee beans properly, they can last for 1 year or more without losing either aroma or flavour. You best store them in a breathable bag or can. Most often, the bag you get your raw coffee beans in is the best way to store them.

The reason why green coffee beans can last longer than roasted coffee beans is that the oils in the green coffee beans have not yet been released. Do not store your raw coffee beans in the freezer.

The reason for this is that the water content of the green coffee beans is higher than that of roasted coffee beans. If the raw coffee beans get frost, the cell walls of the beans will be destroyed. If this happens, the oil in the coffee is put out of play, which gives it a good taste.

Raw coffee beans are cheaper

Buying raw coffee beans will save you money. When you roast your raw coffee beans yourself, the roaster does not have to do that, and thereby you save money. The coffee roasteries we deal with are still responsible for selecting and importing the coffee to Denmark.

A part that is almost impossible as an individual. Fortunately, it is possible to roast your coffee yourself, so you get it exactly as you want.

Roasting methods for unroasted coffee beans

You can roast green coffee beans in the oven, on an ordinary frying pan, in a wok, or with various small coffee roasters.

The small coffee roasters are made specifically for roasting unroasted coffee beans and are made in size so they can stand on the kitchen table. Imagine that it is no bigger than a microwave oven.

If you are interested in learning more on this subject, I highly recommend you order the book called The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee. You can get it on Amazon here.

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