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How to store coffee beans at home?

Do you have to store coffee beans in the freezer?

Do you have to store coffee beans in the freezer?

Frozen foods retain their flavor longer. So it makes sense to ask: should we also keep coffee beans in the freezer?

Until recently, there were some opinions that this was not a good idea. However, over the past decade, freezing coffee beans in the freezer has been shown to be an excellent way to halt the coffee ageing process.

Experiments have shown that the still cold beans are ground more evenly, resulting in a tastier and sweeter coffee.

However, to ensure this, when freezing coffee, certain rules must be observed:

  • The coffee must be packaged in sealed bags/containers to maximize oxygen deprivation. Ideally, the coffee should be vacuum sealed.
  • Secondly, once the coffee beans have been taken out of the freezer (even if it was only for a short time), under no circumstances should they be refrozen. It’s best to grind them right away, while they’re still cold. Or, after taking them out of the freezer, let them thaw overnight without opening the packaging (to avoid condensation). And then store it like freshly roasted beans. Note, however, that defrosted coffee ages even faster. Therefore, it is advisable to only store portions intended for 1–2 weeks in the fridge.
  • Third, freeze coffee beans as soon as possible after roasting and purchasing. After all, only fresh coffee can stay fresh.

We think freezing coffee beans in the freezer is an interesting and viable way to store them if you’re buying a larger quantity, ie more than you’ll be using in a few weeks.

Otherwise, there’s no point in freezing the beans as you won’t notice much of a difference (if you store your coffee the way we described earlier).

By the way: Coffee can be stored in the freezer for up to several years!!!!

Danger! If you have coffee with a fully automatic coffee machines we recommend that you do not grind coffee that is still cold, in order not to damage the coffee grinder.

Is freshly roasted coffee best?

Is freshly roasted coffee best?

Very often we forget that coffee is a food. So – the fresher the better? Not quite. Let’s explain that in more detail!

Chemical reactions occur during roasting – carbon dioxide gas is released from freshly roasted beans over a period of time.

That’s why coffee packaging has one-way valves to release CO2.

In short, if you drink coffee from beans that have just been roasted and are still filled with CO2, you won’t get the true flavour of the coffee, and it can be very acidic.

That’s why it’s said that freshly roasted beans need what’s called a “rest period” after roasting – typically between 4 and 14 days.

The correct term for this time is degassing, if the beans are allowed to outgas after roasting.

It is only after this time that the coffee has reached the point where it can optimally develop its taste and aroma, which is the ideal time for consumption.

How long does coffee keep?

How long does coffee keep?

It may surprise you that coffee has no expiration date. That’s why the coffee packaging doesn’t say “expiry date…” but “best before…”.

Depending on the manufacturer, this can be 12-24 months. This date means that the coffee still has the characteristics specified by the manufacturer within the specified period.

However, the best coffee producers also list the date the beans were roasted. Because the closer the roasting date is, the more aromatic and tasty the coffee you buy will be.

And so that the coffee you buy lasts as long as possible, it is important, as mentioned at the beginning, to store it properly: in the original packaging, in an airtight container, in a vacuum container specially designed for coffee or in the freezer.

Do not store coffee beans in a coffee grinder

Another question you might be asking is whether it makes sense to store the beans in a coffee grinder.

When it comes to storing coffee beans at home, it can seem very handy. But the short answer is NO – this is usually not a good idea!

Coffee grinders are not completely airtight and oils can accumulate which can affect coffee grinding. And what do you do if you want to swap out the coffee beans?

So the conclusion is that it is best to just use the coffee grinder for grinding.

About ground coffee

About ground coffee

For storage of ground coffee the same rules apply as for coffee beans: avoid moisture, use a tight container, protect from strong odours and keep the temperature at the right level (the “golden mean” is best – neither too hot nor too cold).

If possible, grind the beans only when you need coffee and only as much as you need at the moment. Do not store ground coffee for long periods of time: ground coffee has a larger surface area than whole beans and is therefore even more sensitive to moisture and oxygen.

It is recommended to use ground coffee as soon as possible.

If you still buy ground coffee but are already thinking about buying a coffee grinder, you can here learn more about coffee grinders.

Stale and tasteless coffee? Don’t throw it away!

We hope that now you have a better understanding of how to store coffee at home. However, if you have stored your coffee beans too long or improperly and are no longer able to use them, all is not lost!

In addition to being used as a drink, there are other interesting uses for coffee, both at home and in the garden, e.g. as:

  • as a cleaning agent;
  • a natural air freshener;
  • a body scrub;
  • as compost in the garden, etc.

So keep your coffee beans well protected in the future. And if you’re unlucky and your coffee doesn’t taste good anymore, find another use for your beans to reduce waste. We wish you good luck in storing and enjoying coffee!

FAQ / Summary

What to avoid when storing coffee at home?

The most important factors to avoid when storing coffee beans or ground coffee are sunlight, heat, humidity and oxygen.

Why do you have to avoid them? What’s bad for coffee?

These things can create subtle chemical reactions in the coffee beans that lead to off-flavours and mould.

What are the best containers to store coffee in?

Sealed containers that do not let light through are suitable. Ideally, use special vacuum containers for storing coffee.

Can I chill coffee in the freezer to keep it fresh?

Yes, you can. It’s the best way to keep your coffee fresher for longer. Just be sure to follow the rules in the article.

What is the benefit of a roast date?

The roast date indicates when the beans were roasted, which is more useful than a simple best-before date.

Knowing the roast date of the beans can help you calculate when is the best time to brew coffee from them. This is typically 4-14 days after the beans have “steamed” and rested.

How long can ground coffee be stored?

Store ground coffee the same way you store coffee beans. However, ground coffee has a larger surface area and is more likely to be affected by moisture, heat, light and strong odours.

If possible, grind the beans just before preparing the coffee.

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