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Single origin coffee: Everything you need to know

We love single origin

What is single-origin coffee and why should you choose it over a coffee bag with a compound blend of coffee beans from around the world?

In this article, we give you an answer to that here. And we’d better confess right from the start: WE LOVE SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE. It provides a unique opportunity to experience the taste of a specific coffee country.

single origin coffee berries

Why is single origin coffee popular?

As speciality coffee grows in popularity, more and more people are starting to take an interest in where the coffee they drink comes from.

A bit like a good wine has become a sport in knowing and experiencing the flavour profile from different regions, and the very best can place the origin of the coffee beans based on individual flavour notes.

This is only possible with single origin coffee, as more traditional coffee blends – typically composed of coffee beans from several places in the world – provide a sensorium of flavours that make it difficult to enjoy and identify specific flavour notes.

Everyone can appreciate quality coffee

You don’t need to be a world champion in coffee tasting to appreciate the qualities of single origin coffee. In fact, all of us coffee drinkers owe single origin a big thank you. The growing consumer interest in the origins of coffee and how it is grown has been hugely positive for the coffee industry.

This has resulted in coffee producers around the world gaining the courage to experiment more in the cultivation and production of coffee beans, which has meant a boost in the general quality of the coffee.

What is single origin coffee? (Clarification of concepts)

Single origin: Single origin is coffee that is grown in the same region or area.

More and more people are starting to take an interest in where their coffee comes from and how it is grown. This means that single origin coffee is becoming more and more popular.

Coffee blend: Coffee blends are, as the name suggests, a mixture of different coffee beans. The composition is typically done at the roastery, where you try to create a very special flavor profile.

To reduce the price, some coffee producers add inferior quality coffee to their blends, as they can hide the taste among other and better coffees.

Single estate / single farm: Single estate is coffee from the same farm or cooperative.

Since coffee farms produce their coffee differently, there will be an opportunity to experience completely unique flavors in single estate coffee. However, it requires that the quality of the beans is in order.

Use the right coffee maker to highlight the good taste

In addition to raising the demand for quality coffee, single origin has also had an impact on the way coffee is brewed.

If you want to bring out the best in a single origin coffee, it is necessary to use coffee equipment that manages to highlight the flavour notes in the coffee beans. That’s what coffee makers are for Hario V60, Kalita Wave and Aeropress ideal options.

Single origin coffees do not taste the same

It is not the case that all coffee from the same country tastes the same.

A wide variety of coffee varieties exist, and coffee farmers and coffee cooperatives have different techniques and methods for growing, harvesting and drying coffee. At the same time, the coffee roasters roast the coffee beans in their own way. All this helps to create a diversity of flavour profiles that make coffees from the same country into very different taste experiences.

Therefore, single origin coffee must be understood to a greater extent as unique qualities that characterize coffee from a specific country or region.

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