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10 things you can use coffee grounds for

What can you use coffee grounds for?

The average American consumes 12 LBS of coffee per year. The many lbs leave large amounts of residual product in the form of coffee grounds. ONSK obviously does not want our customers to drink fewer cups of coffee. But we would very much like to help cut down on the amount of waste that ends up in the bin. Therefore, here are our best suggestions for how you can recycle your coffee grounds.

The many nutrients that remain in the coffee grounds after coffee brewing can be worth their weight in gold in the form of a body scrub, fertilizer or an odour remover. Therefore, don’t throw your coffee gold on the street – or in the waste bin – because here are our 10 tips for recycling your coffee grounds:

10 things coffee grounds can be used for

1: Coffee grounds as fertilizer

Coffee grounds are a really effective fertilizer and can be used with advantage in the garden. Coffee grounds contain, among other things, nitrogen, such as potassium and phosphorus, which provide good nutrition for garden plants. However, be careful not to spread too thick layers over fresh seeds and young plants. Too much caffeine can shock and have a negative effect on the plants in the earliest phase of vegetation.

Another pitfall is that very finely ground coffee grounds consist of very small particles that can compact, almost like clay. This forms a barrier that means water cannot penetrate the plant’s roots. If you drink a lot of espressos, for example, your coffee grounds will be very, very fine. Therefore, be aware of this if you plan to use the coffee grounds in the garden. When you get started, sprinkle coffee grounds around the plants in the kitchen garden and then water them. The water will draw the nutrients into the soil.

Coffee grounds are also good for the compost. Mix the dirt with other organic materials, such as fallen leaves, wood shavings and old newspapers, so that there is a balance in the content of the compost.

Since coffee grounds are full of nutrients, they can even be used to grow oyster hats. For this, however, it is necessary for mycelium to absorb nutrition. It can be bought at places like Amazon.

2: Fine, clean and odour-free hands

Coffee grounds are really effective if you have stubborn oil stains on your hands. Wash your hands with water and coffee grounds – the oil will disappear, and your hands will be completely soft at the same time. In addition, the coffee grounds work very well as an odour remover if you have prepared fish, onions or garlic. Having been a handball player myself, it can also be recommended to use the dirt together with soap to remove resin from the fingers.

3: Coffee grounds as an odour remover

Do you know all too well the unpleasant odours from an old mould of cheese in the fridge? That smell, or scent for some, can, along with other strong smells or scents, be neutralized with a spoonful of coffee grounds. Put a bowl of grime in the fridge and it will attract the worst fumes. This trick also works if you have a hard time getting rid of bad odours from your shoes. Put dried coffee grounds in an old sock, then place the sock inside the shoe overnight. The next day it will be free of old foot steam.

4: Make a body scrub from coffee grounds

It doesn’t take long to make your own coffee body scrub, and it’s super healthy for the skin. The coffee grounds help to scrub dead skin cells from the body, and coffee is also full of antioxidants, which give soft and smooth skin. See below how to make a coffee scrub from coffee grounds.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 6 tablespoons (used) dried coffee grounds
  • 6 tablespoons cane sugar (regular sugar can also be used)
  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • Mix all ingredients and stir well. Make sure to dry the coffee grounds first if you want to store the body scrub, otherwise, it will quickly mould and go bad. Add any more oil if you would like a more fluid consistency. Then pour it all into an airtight container so the scrub lasts longer.

5: Say goodbye to slugs and ants

If your garden is plagued by slugs and ants, you can spread some coffee grounds on the ground. Small animals do not like caffeine at all, and therefore coffee grounds work well against ants and other pests. But be careful not to spread the layer too thick, as the garden’s grass and plants can also be damaged by too much caffeine and dirt.

6: Grums protects against wasps

Here’s a really smart trick during wasp season! Burn off some coffee grounds when you sit with friends and family in the garden or on the terrace.

How to do it: Line a fireproof dish with silver paper, put dry coffee grounds in it and set it on fire. A few minutes later, the wasps will evaporate, and you and the family can concentrate on enjoying a meal and the warm summer sun.

7: Clean pots and pans with coffee grounds

Tired of stubborn leftovers on the family’s dishes? Add a bit of dried coffee grounds to your washing-up liquid and you will find that the grounds remove even the most stubborn dirt from your pots and pans.

NOTE: If you have a Teflon pan, do not use coffee grounds, as it can damage the coating.

In addition to the washing-up liquid, coffee grounds can also be used in conjunction with detergent if the kitchen sink has become very dirty after cooking and washing dishes.

8: Makes the meat tender and flavorful

To give your grilled food a little extra flavour, you can advantageously add a tablespoon of coffee grounds to the marinade for the meat. The marinated meat will not taste like coffee but will have a mild and pleasant taste of smoke.

Coffee contains lots of enzymes that are excellent for tenderizing meat. Mix coffee grounds together with your remaining ingredients for a delicious marinade, spread it on the meat, and then let it soak for 1-2 hours in the fridge.

9: Flea treatment for the dog

Add some coffee grounds to your dog’s shampoo and wash man’s best friend as you normally would. For inexplicable reasons, fleas do not like coffee, so coffee grounds are quite an effective flea treatment for Rollo.

10: Attract worms with coffee grounds

Worms are fantastic guests to have in the garden. The useful beneficial animals turn your garden waste into mulch, dig underground passages and keep the garden soil light and airy. And worms love coffee grounds, so it’s an effective way to attract the garden’s little heroes.

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