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2 quick hacks for better coffee on your Nespresso machine

1. Rinse with water before inserting the capsule into the machine

A super easy and good tip to get a better taste is to rinse some water through the Nespresso machine before inserting your coffee capsule.

You do this by pressing one of the brewing buttons – it doesn’t matter which one – before inserting the capsule.

This helps to remove old coffee residues stuck in the brew head and pipes.

When the coffee grounds and their oils sit in the machine for too long, you will get some bitter flavours that you don’t want to have in your cup.

2. Descale your machine

You should descale your machine approximately every 2-3 years. month, depending on how much you use it.

When the taste becomes flat or the machine does not brew at a stable temperature, it is almost time for descaling.

How to descale your Nespresso machine

  1. Fill the water tank with descaling liquid, or a vinegar mixture consisting of 1 part household vinegar
    1 part water Make a total of 500 ml vinegar mixture.
  2. Turn on the machine
  3. Empty the drip tray
  4. Place a large container under the brew head
  5. Start descaling
  6. Hold down the espresso button and the lungo button at the same time for 3 seconds.
  7. The two buttons will start flashing. Then press the lungo button and descaling will begin.
  8. When the descaling liquid has run through, use the same liquid again and fill the water tank – and run the same program again.
  9. Cleaning
  10. Fill the water tank with fresh water and run a descaling program in the same way as before.
  11. End the descaling program by pressing the two buttons for 3 seconds.

That’s it.

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